The Logon ID and Password page prompts the user to enter their pre-assigned Logon ID and Password to access the Charge Card Administration.

If you do not have a Logon ID and Password, click on the "New Security" button.   Clicking on this button will display the New Security Verification page and will allow you to set up a security record for accessing the system.

Navigation buttons located in the left-hand margin of the page will link you to other Charge Card Administration pages or perform requested functions as described below.



Forgot Password

Clicking on this button links the user to the Forgot Password page where you can receive a hint that you previously entered to help you remember your password, or you can reset your password.

Contact Us

Clicking on this button links you to a page that allows you to submit questions or comments about the Charge Card Administration website to the Department of Accounts.


Clicking on this button will link you to information concerning the application security and access requirements.